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Branch Manager

Closing Date: 23.08.2019

The successful candidate will report directly to the Regional Manager. However, he/she will not face restrictions regarding direct contact with the Managing Director. Although the successful candidate will primarily be responsible for the retail business, commercial business exposure is also important for this role. As the Accounting Officer for the branch, the successful candidate’s responsibilities will include; setting team goals and targets, ensuring existing company policies and procedures are adhered to and consistently applied, conducting performance reviews to ensure that targets are met, and conducting competitor analyses. Moreover, the successful candidate will also be responsible for; staff development, enhancing efficiency, driving sales, enhancing reviews, and capacity building. The successful candidate will prepare weekly reports that are later used for monthly reports, which reflect branch sales by category, rep sales, stock days, overstock and deadstock, and commercial vs retail sales. The successful candidate should demonstrate an ability to penetrate the market. He/she should possess the confidence to willingly approach customers in order to promote high-end office furniture purchases, so as to grow the business. The successful candidate should provide a supportive and empowering organisational climate, in which innovation thrives and in which he/she is able to drive a performance-oriented culture. Although directives are provided by head office, the successful candidate will be afforded the creative autonomy to decide how to execute those. As such, the successful candidate should demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit and vision, so as to effectively direct the business functions. There is a significant variance in the way business is conducted between regions and branches. For that reason, it important for the successful candidate to understand and be conversant with the local culture.

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