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Retention Strategist

Closing Date: 24.03.2017

This is a new position within the organisation, designed to drive strategic focus on retention. Currently a marketing activity, the incumbent will establish a new business unit that will define and manage its own organisational identity. Starting from a clean slate, your mandate will be to shape this division and ensure its emergence and establishment as a value-adding and strategic business unit. A long and exciting journey of innovation, albeit complex and tiring, is therefore ahead of you. Consistent with journeys of this nature are the obstacles, resistance, generic mistrust and other unforeseen occurrences. A deep-seated personal drive, stamina and resilience are therefore required. The ability to improvise where likely tools may not be available should tickle the “bring-on-the-challenge” approach in you. The anticipated transformation this position will bring to the organisation is phenomenal. You will have strong support at strategic level and the retention community in geographic areas where this portfolio is fully developed, but the decree to sell this initiative to local operational departments will rest on your shoulders.

With the growth of Pay TV (prepaid) where the customer makes a monthly decision to pay or disconnect, there is need to refocus revenue growth efforts to customer management and retention and therefore you will be required to comprehensively understand the value proposition; where content, service and technology determine the probability of retaining a customer. A holistic appreciation and strategic approach to the organisation’s service offering will determine success. As a senior member of the team, you will actively collaborate with other teams on decisions as to whether the digital customer base can be retained or lost, a critical success factor for your role. Your contributions will be based on analysis and fact-based projections, and a sound evaluation of the quantitative impact. A fluid approach and understanding of the business context and dynamics will be essential when cross-pollinating with other departments. This will be enhanced by clarity of thought in the concept that retention is a client to the other cost units, who are the service providers. The ability to perceive that retention is a key strategic marketing activity that leverages on the services of marketing for communication, operations for customer contact, research for insights, and finance for viability and economic sense; will be key in this role. A marketing think tank, you will be able to separate responsibilities and boundaries, whilst appreciating the need for seamless collaboration with other departments. The transfer of knowledge to other departments will garner organisational respect for this portfolio, and success for the organisation.

You will understand the 3 key drivers in retention, i.e. macro-economic outlook, competitor behaviour and the internal organisational dynamics. The need to have insight on the developments around and beyond the organisation cannot be over-emphasised. You will be proactive in assembling plans, ideas and recommendations, and bold in your approach to sell these to the respective departments. A hunter instinct, coupled with high analytical skills and a sound appreciation of the financial impact of customer retention, will enable you to seek out essential insights and indications from numbers and analysis. Therefore a mature, grounded, passionate, open and sharp mind will enable you to champion and shape the retention space for the organisation

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