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Managing Director

Closing Date: 26.08.2016

Your mandate would be to lead and execute the company’s tested and proven strategies in the short-, medium- and long-term to sustain competitive shareholder value. A progressive mindset will enable you to sustain an established business plan, at the same time investigating and charting new opportunities that will maintain the company’s position as an industry leader. You will navigate the complex organisational structures which have emerged from an amalgamation of small-scale businesses. You will promote board policies as well as guide senior management decision-making and risk mitigation strategies. As the key company and brand representative, you will engage shareholders and stakeholders forge long-term business relationships. As a member of a progressive financial team you will secure financial and operational integration, adhere to policy and process frameworks and forecast budgets for overall performance management and evaluation. In concert with the executives, you will develop a dynamic growth plan responsive to the evolving business environment, identify opportunities to extend market reach, provide improved intelligence for go-to-market strategies and service/product delivery and stimulate the revenue base. Agile leadership should build a coherent people-centered culture that operates in a matrix of conservation, resource management and biodiversity. Knowledge management should be sustained with systematic plans, innovation and disciplined action. You will drive a governance and social responsibility agenda that fulfills obligations to staff, partners and neighboring communities. You should be pragmatic yet altruistic and fully subscribe to our vision and values.

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