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HMIS Technical Advisor

Closing Date: 03.06.2016

This position will report directly to GPRT’s Director of Strategic Information for Namibia and will provide technical and supervisory oversight to GPRT’s HMIS advisor team. The basic objective of this position is to support UCSF with its data needs by developing databases, dashboards, apps and other software to support its projects and programmes. The HMIS Technical Advisor is expected to design databases to meet the needs for specific projects. Some projects will require the advisor to design data entry screens for these databases, while other projects will require the advisor to import data form existing data sources into a UCSF-managed database, with data transformations. Therefore, demonstrated knowledge and understanding of SQL and relational databases is critical. Most projects will require the data to be disclosed via dashboards – with transformation or analysis of that data before it gets displayed. For example, data that originates from a single health facility may need to be aggregated into a district, regional or national view on the dashboard. Visualising data on dashboards will be a critical component of the advisor. Additional software development needs may arise occasionally, such as the development of mobile apps, or interoperability layers between existing systems. An example of that would be an implementation of OpenHIE. As an integral part of the UCSF GPRT Office, the HMIS Technical Advisor will be expected to meet with stakeholders, funders and government officials, and draw up requirements based on their needs. In all of these activities, the advisor will liaise closely with the Senior Manager for Global Health Informatics who is based in San Francisco. Previous experience with popular tools currently in the health sector such as ODK, DHIS2 and OpenMRS is required.

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