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Finance and Administrations Manager

Closing Date: 30.03.2016

The core focus of this position is to provide NAMEP with efficient finance and administrative services, aimed at optimizing the operation of the organization as well as to provide regular updates to his/her supervisors with regards to the following; finance, administration, human resources and is expected toprovide support and guidance for field implementation. Typically the scope of the position will include components of general human resource administration such as he/she will be responsible for all project HR including drafting job descriptions according to UNAM protocols, coordinating the advertisement of open positions, pre-screening candidates, and then working with the Program Manager and MRC Deputy Director to choose suitable candidates.Components of Administration such as; monitoring of project-related administrative activities, ensuring that project activities move along smoothly and providing support to existing administrative staff. In order to monitor program implantation as well as provide field supervision and to facilitate the need for ongoing inductions and training, the Finance and Administrations Manager will be required to travel to the Zambezi region for at least 1 to 2 weeks per month. An exceptional ability to multitask and organizational skills would be essential to enable the incumbent to respond to the multi-faceted demands of this role.This position offers great amount of autonomy, thus the incumbent must be able to make independent sound judgement in agreement with the organizational objective.

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