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The nature of employment has changed, with significant shifts in employer and employee expectations.  If handled incorrectly, the recruitment process can be a time-consuming and costly exercise with disastrous long-term effects on a company.  At Potentia, we have established a proud reputation with organizations of various sizes, and in all sectors of the economy, for following a rigorous and proven professional process of position development, recruitment, assessment, selection and placement. 

During position development, we review the vacancy considering current and future organizational priorities and identify essential job functions and competence.  The second stage -recruitment- includes developing and implementing an inclusive recruitment strategy that involves the participation of all relevant stakeholders. The final stage - selection and support -involves reviewing and screening applications for the position, conducting assessments and interviews, making the offer, and designing an individualized orientation and development plan for the new employee.  Our team commits to a methodical and systematic approach to ensure person-to-job match and person-to-culture match.

Human Resources Project Management

We offer organizations the option of a completely outsourced HR solution, whereby Potentia handles the entire Human Resources function on behalf of a client from recruitment to termination of service.  This approach creates a joint venture whereby the organization benefits from a committed team which manages the following functions at a high professional standard:

Ancillary services

  1. Training Workshops and Needs Analysis

    Working from extensive experience in this field, we are able to assist organizations design and present a variety of training programs.  Our modus operandi is to assist with the creation of program design to the delivery of training materials to an organization for a training-of-trainer (TOT) program.  In this training model, elected staff members are equipped to present training on an in-house basis.  For training interventions to be successful, they must be customer-driven and needs-based.  We assist organizations with the accurate identification of skills and competency gaps based on specific measurable outputs and recommended training needs in relation to them.  This analysis serves as a foundation for a customized training program and is based on actual competency gaps identified for each individual. 

  2. Performance management

    Throughout southern Africa, performance management remains one of the most neglected areas in management.  This deficiency can be attributed to a combination of factors which include:

    • the absence of a comprehensive, tailored and user-friendly system.  
    • a lack of management commitment, especially where there is no process driver at a strategic level.  
    • a lack of a performance culture and employee buy-in and accountability.  
    • a history of subjective, once-off appraisal sessions which have little structure and are used punitively.  

    The principles of performance management are universal and simple to apply and a good performance system that is linked to career development attracts greater buy-in from all stakeholders and is motivational to participants. 

  3. Payroll Administration

    We provide a comprehensive, professional and confidential outsourced payroll management service to organizations of various sizes.  In association with our auditors we can also structure tax beneficial packages.  On behalf of our clients we ensure that all payments related to PAYE, SSC, Medical Aid Schemes, NTA levies, Pension and other group schemes, statutory deductions are made monthly and that annually PAYE certificates are issued.

  4. Job profiling, grading & benchmarking

    Once a job description is compiled, a position is profiled and graded to enable organizations to align remuneration fairly.  Naturally, the objective is to reward employees according to the competency levels required in a specific job.  Our grading system provides a comparative study of grading systems already in place, enabling companies to enhance existing practices.  In profiling a position, core criteria for suitability evaluation are used as reference points introduce objectivity and align individual creativity to particular job criteria.

  5. Career Guidance

    This service is designed to provide individuals with greater awareness of their innate creative ability and competencies so that they can confidently align their career choices.  The process is characterized by a comprehensive and structured competency assessment and a detailed feedback session which empowers the individual to make informed decisions on their future.

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