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About Us

Potentia was established in 1998 by Zayanih Dennis and from humble beginnings grew to our market leading position in Namibia. We have now expanded with the opening of an office in Cape Town at the tip of Africa. From the outset, we never wanted to be the biggest, but we always knew we wanted to distinguish ourselves by offering the best solutions for our market. This meant providing world class HR solutions to complement our recruiting service.

Businesses operate in an environment of constant change and transformation.

This paradigm means that business leaders have to confront challenges of enormous magnitude and complexity and need to manage effectively in a dynamic environment. We believe there is a growing emphasis on management learning to adapt to rapid and unexpected change and developing an ability to not only cope, but to thrive under such conditions. Consequently many companies are choosing to focus on their core business and outsource peripheral functions to specialists – this is where we fit in.

Key to our philosophy is the personal involvement of the partners in all our projects and assignments.

We regard ourselves as business and development partners and we know that fundamentally our success is a function of our clients’ success. Our focus is to deliver world-class solutions so when we recruit, we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the people we recommend, succeed in their jobs as they are ambassadors of our process. We focus on being objective and on what is best for our client and when we provide solutions, we tell clients what they need to hear and not necessarily what they want to hear. It takes courage to change and our partners have proved that they are up to the challenge.

The services we provide help individuals to assimilate successfully within organizations, guiding them on a path of meaningful socio-economic transformation and service delivery.

They become acquainted with their inherent capabilities, equipping them to surpass personal limitations and stimulate their latent gifts and talents. When this happens there is growth for the individual and the business.

Our Vision

Our team is guided by a common philosophy and vision. Each one of us are ambassadors of the values that underscore diversity of thought, redefining the meaning of work and an attitude of reflection and learning. We are focused on sustainability and continuity, we consistently aim to incorporate all these values in our work and personal lives.

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